Sacré Bleu Supermarket stocks are running low, people online are jokingly offering to sell a half-eaten pack for €250, and a film shot in the dairy-loving region of Brittany features deprived addicts roaming the streets like zombies. For months, bakers, biscuit-makers, farmers and food producers have sounded the alarm over a dearth of butter in France. But this week, with French newspapers warning of the worst shortage since the second world war, the crisis has turned political as the government seeks to reassure consumers. French consumers have not yet seen butter prices rise at the checkout because supermarket groups fix their prices once a year. But this means butter suppliers currently get better margins by selling elsewhere. Some French shoppers, seeing the headlines, have been rushing to buy butter and freezing it, worsening the depleting supermarket stocks. So if you are planning to visit soon perhaps pack some into your luggage but for me, nothing can beat the Breton Butter with Sel de Mer