Whenever I visited France, I always felt that I was returning home. So after yet another holiday in France I started to explore the possibility of making France my new home. The Internet was still very new at the time so with the help of a few specialist magazines as well as a visit to a French Property Show I managed to decide that the area for me was Brittany.

Whilst at the show I saw the details of a property from a private vendor that looked very good on paper and made arrangements to view the property during my next trip to France. I did see the property and dispite being informed that someone else had already discussed a deposit; I decided that it wasn't for me and that the details didn't quite match the property and the same went for the asking price.

A little disappointed, I visited a Notary and explained what I was looking for, I must have been in luck as he explained that he has just been instructed (if within the last 10 years mean just) to sale a manor house. The price was agreeable and I duly signed some paperwork that I didn't have clue what it said and left France feeling rather pleased with myself that I managed to snap something up before anyone else beat me to it.

On the Notaires insistence, I quit my life in England leaving a large house empty and a lucrative career only to find that the purchase couldn't happen and I would just have to wait.

I was told that if I didn't agree to let a local farmer buy some of the land then I would never get planning permission. I was also told that I should use my cash to purchase the property and then borrow the money for renovation. I since discovered that both these things were not true or in my best interest.

So with a family to house and no sight of my completion date I bought another property. This time I used an agent whom was very friendly and assured me that the house of interest was on mains drainage. The truth was that it didn't even have a fosse septic.

So I had three bad experiences but I always believe that you can benefit from your experiences or even better benefit from someone else’s and know you can benefit from mine.

I still loved Brittany and very quickly was helping other people find their dream house in France. I discovered that there was a gap in the market for an agency offering a British style service and property details and after a 3-year holiday (working on my own projects), started working for the first time as an estate agent.

I loved this work matching people’s wishes to suitable property but soon found that was not enough time in a day to service the demand. So I put together a team with the same passion for customer service and property as myself.

So because of my experiences I decided that the following things were important and so are offered to each of our clients whom purchases with us:

  • Opening of a local French Bank Account;
  • Setting up of the utilities, electric, water, telephone and Internet;
  • Obtaining a mortgage if required;
  • Help finding school places;
  • Bi-lingual service, our contracts have an English translation;
  • Arranging car and house insurance;
  • Dedicated point of contact throughout the sale;
  • Access to local artisans;
  • Fantastic rates on currency exchange.

In fact there are many more ways that we help you and our work really begins once we have found for you your dream property.